Taking the slogan “TOO COOL TO CARE” as the leading spirit throughout her debut collection in  collaboration with WEPHOBIA, CHAU BUI wants to send young girls a message: Be confident of yourself, take Fashion is a language that reflects your personality.

In this collection, the designs are not only focused on minimalist sewing styles and common neutral color palettes. Along with 2 brand designers, CHAU BUI was able to create and convey a very unique style, break the limit with 2 new tones of gold and electric blue to find a new self. Fashion is always changing, refreshing and spinning. Fashion is the thing that expresses your personality and emotions the most. With the same concept, Chau aims to portray an energetic, confident girl, with a clear personality and lifestyle so that despite wearing any outfit, you will always feel fresh and different  through oversized jackets, wide-legged pants, with tube top.

The collection is about to start now. Flip through the lookbook and start to make your wish list.

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