Regardless of the trend elements, Spring’ 20 Collection from WEPHOBIA could be considered as the touch point of the personality girls who are always craving for the liberal way in her own fashion line along menswear style.
Simple, comfortable, personality but still bring softness, charm hidden then the sense of design in this collection brings every fashion lovers.

In order to bring in an unusual break, the khaki material is chosen to be the mainstream to maximize the minimalism without boredom, which helps to exude an elegant yet hidden personality inside each design. The white and black color is familiar to the female’s casual office style  with the maximum extraction of this collection. Pastel tones such as babyblue or pink are also a well-experienced palette that helps you to get into the breath of some “masculine” without lacking your inherent charm.

A non-huffle accent is the bulging detail of the 80’s. From the shoulder and arm point, the skilled tailors of Wephobia should be a trampoline or attaching a shoulder cushion to further expand this very charming woman’s edge. The creativity of our talented designers Ma Nguyen and Daisy Nguyen must have succeeded in making the intermediate step, completing the “mission” of juggling for the liberal spirit that is incredibly keen throughout Spring ‘ 20 Collection.

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