Multi-dimensional form, challenging color scheme and the connection between classical inspiration and futuristic sound are the key spirit of the FALL-WINTER’19 collection by WEPHOBIA.

It’s easy to recognize the color palette this season from easy and sophisticated to distinctive and unique. Not only encapsulated in neutral tones that bring a perfect balance, this season, ladies will welcome the return of earth tones. The designs with brown, warm and green color strips are dedicated to every detail, from designs to materials, so that when customers can “touch” to the hands, they can “touch” to the level. Exquisite. Leather something – it would be a shortage not to mention the new-fangled material first time chosen by two our designers. Although it is known as a difficult material, leather material is always an endless source of inspiration with diverse variations, accompanied by a strong personality in the overall outfit of autumn and winter. If you are looking for sophistication and classic besides comfort and generosity, don’t miss out on the new variations from this Fall-Winter’19 collection.

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