How to order

Date posted: 24/11/2015
Order easily and quickly with 2 steps:

Step 1: Find the product you wish to buy
- Type the keyword name of the product you are looking for on the search bar and press enter or the search button to the system automatically find the suitable product for your keywords.
- Search by category of product: System detailed list shown on the Home help you locate products looking for a quick and convenient way. Besides, the tree list on the menu bar above to help you switch between lists easily with just one click.

Step 2: Take the product to cart
After selecting the desired product, you enter the number of products to buy and click "Add to Cart"
The system will notify you add products to the basket of success. You continue to do the same for ordering other products. During the purchase process, your information will be cart continually update the product quantities are in the basket at the top menu of the website.

To complete the set loan you must be logged into your account or register an account (if you are a new user). After logging into your account, you check the exact personal information with your account and proceed to order.

Click the "Order" on the toolbar below the screen to move to the purchase page.

In order page, you double check your order and enter all information on the "Customer Information" (you can update your account information to be able to store information for the next time order) then click "Buy now" to complete the ordering process.
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